So Close, But So Far

A small collection of men who are afraid to touch women.





















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  1. Bestoti says:

    This was so awesome. I never realized this before. However!!! is it not possible that the girl told them ‘NO TOUCHING’ just before the picture???

  2. Mango says:

    this is downright hilarious!!! i say 100% no embellishment those are prime Grade A Virgins bringing awkward spacing TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!!!!

  3. Sneza says:

    A schoolmate did that with me on a picture from our prom. And I did not tell him “no touching”. Some guys are just creepy.

    • derp says:

      its hilarious that you think a guy NOT touching you is creepy. lol, what a world

    • Han Ga In says:

      I don’t they’re creepy, I’d say they’re just trying to be polite (I do not imply that guys who touch are rude, I just mean that they might have a different concept of what politeness is).

      • Yrral says:

        You are right..guys who touch are not rude…but guys that don’t touch…not saying they are virgins…just sayin (they’re gay! LOL )

  4. ChibiHoshi says:

    The pics taken with Summer at Cons are probably due to the fact she is a celeb and it is quite common not to go full contact even in photo sessions unless they touch first. If the Celeb hovers then it is customary to also hover out of politeness. A few pics also look like they were taken prior to being fully ready.

  5. Niels says:

    What about their insight about knowing that women are afraid to ben touched by those men…… Change the title too very! considerate men.

  6. Niels says:

    What about their insight for knowing that women are afraid to be touched by those men…… They’re just being very considerate.

  7. Stiko says:

    These guys never get sued for harrassment. Besides, it IS awkward to touch people you don’t know well.

  8. chas says:

    What a load of rubbish. Did it not occur that some people are respectful of other peoples space and privacy. As a guy with an enviable past with relationships with women, I would still NOT touch on a lady on photo occasion as these depicted, unless I was ‘close’ to the person already.

    • Gonza says:

      Emhh, it’s just a photo, not flirting, besides, most of these girls took those pics because it’s a part of their jobs. If they were so afraid to touch them, they shouldn’t have tried, because obviously this guys got permission to touch them, since they are pretending to. But it’s their faults if they feel awkward touching a girl (especially the one on the fourth pic of the second page) you can clearly see they are afraid to even do the smallest contact with woman they find attractive. Don’t blame it on the chicks, sure, they can be bitches (some of them are asses for sure), but these guys are obviously making this touching with arm thing way too serious, they have to touch a girl more often it seems.

  9. kazor says:

    I’m sure the all are American. Europeans are not afraid to touch.

  10. Stace says:

    I’d think a guy is a pervert if he was touching me :/

  11. v-card boy says:

    when I was a virgin I used to do this, oh wait I still am >.<


  12. HINAYUPAKS says:

    Oh wait i am not a virgin but when it comes to a close contact to a girl. i never put my hands any part of her body specially on the hips on in the shoulder, i don’t know but i feel a little too shy of taking advantage of the situation hhahahaha.

  13. Chris says:

    It’s not a problem here in england. We adopt more of a “better to ask forgiveness than seek permission” thing and it seems to work out pretty good. Sure, if it’s some greasy chubbard with dirty hands and B.O. then it’s more of a stand nearby but don’t touch thing, but for 80% of people hands over shoulder is actually kind of nice.

    Hands around hips is more of a friends/partner thing over here though.

  14. Stevo says:

    If its all with Summer Glau, obviously she’s told them not to.

  15. alpha says:

    gallery should be renamed to omega males unite!
    if those excuses for men took a slightest interest in their own appearance and presentation, the ladies wouldn’t even be creeped out by touching them.

    look boss, act boss and chicks follow and want your dick. it’s the truth

  16. 99 says:

    Am i mistaken or are pictures 1 and 8 the same girl? Spooky.

  17. A.J. says:

    Well Said, from Alpha above.
    it bears repeating: “look boss, act boss and chicks follow and want your dick. it’s the truth”

    It’s kinda sad that when you act polite, and ‘nice’ they consider you Creepy.
    But if treat ‘em like a Kleenex, they come back for more. (along with their friends)

  18. Bob Bobson says:

    There’s at least three of Summer. Either she’s more yucky in person than one would think, or else her rep probably accompanies her to these things and sets out some basic rules for fans meeting her, including no touching.

  19. Boobies says:

    The reason folk do this, is that it seems rude to place your hand on her. Don’t want to grope her acidentally ;)

  20. they really need to learn hot to get close ;)

  21. EnlightenedTwo says:

    It would be hard to have your hand so close to Summer Glau and not touching. Likely could have a big bodyguard to keep the guys in line.

  22. LMFaO says:

    some of these photos are so obviously photoshopped it’s even more pathetic

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