Very Cute Japanese Girl

Very beautiful japanese girl in costume…





















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  1. nanoblast says:


    I’m in love !!!

  2. fail says:

    photoshop ftw -.-

  3. Michelle says:

    She doesn’t even look Japanese – what did she do to her eyes?

  4. Dr iPad says:

    I thought there were lots of girls.. there is only one… Cute though.. LOL

  5. Fatemaster says:

    Looks like she’s half white. Her skin is a bit pale, and she’s got blue eyes, definitely not full blood Japanese.

    • pyuta says:

      I do not know her blood, but she is not special girl. you can see many cute girls in Japan… Please visit Akihabara in Tokyo.

  6. Yukiko says:

    She’s japanese. So what if she has pale skin? It’s not as if no japanese is pale. Also, she’s probably wearing contacts (it’s a Luka cosplay)

  7. Allie says:

    Eyes -> Contacts
    Skin -> Makeup + photoshop
    Hair -> Wig
    + more photoshop?

  8. Konpeito says:

    Shes pretty, her costume isn’t really constructed that well.
    But over all its a pretty good Sheryl Nome cosplay.

  9. Jim says:

    checkout this site, she does really great costumes,especially the metroid ones. she’s really cute too,swedish/japanese.

  10. who says:

    i wonder how cute is she without makeup

  11. Axin says:

    In fact ! This shot shooting location at Taipei county in Taiwan ! not in the Japan !

  12. Mike says:

    She’s not pretty. SERIOUSLY

  13. bleep says:

    pretty is a stretch…..everything about her pictures are fakeness….eyes are colored contacts and photoshopped, skin is tons of makeup and photoshopped, hair is a wig, more makeup and photoshop, dumpy legs, flat face and nose, photoshopped and more photoshopped, costume is not great nor detailed, I’ve seen FAR prettier cosplay girls in Japan with way better costume skills…..this girl would be a 360 without the photoshop and makeup and contacts and wig…she’d look like a completely different girl.

  14. Matt says:

    She’s lovely. In addition to the blue contacts, I’m wondering if she had plastic surgery to make her eyes appear less asian? They are really rounded.

  15. Sprmcandy says:

    Beyond C*U*T*E

  16. miguel says:

    love u japanese wanna meet now lovely sexy beauilfull body pertect

  17. Carol says:

    Lots of makeup
    a wig
    a fake blue eye/contacts
    surgery for making the eye corner bigger (japanese trendy sillyness)
    lots of photoshop

    I’m prettier then her, to be honest. And guess what, my beauty does not goes out while I take shower.

  18. Rae says:

    Isn’t it very obvious that this is a cosplayer? Cosplayers in East Asia take cosplaying very seriously and they put on as much makeup as celebs would. It doesn’t matter if it’s ‘shopped or fake, cosplayers just want to be the character as much as possible (and also to be flawless)

  19. Wewe says:

    She looks like Kipi…

  20. moti Malani says:

    Beautiful indeed Japanese girl – very cute and beautiful
    No words to describe

    • moti Malani says:

      I say that I am astonished to see such a beauty – should be one in the world
      I appreciate + express my gratitute

  21. another matt says:

    who cares if some aspects are fake. since when does someone need to be “all natural” to be attractive? personally i think she is very cute especially with that “half-smile” she has. i’d love to see her without all the makeup and as a normal person too….

    and i really like the background….someone said this is taipei? looks pretty nice.

  22. Jay says:

    Yep….. photoshop….. 100% sure……. anyways she does looks very cute after all.

  23. pspcorner says:

    I love cosplay girl. ^^

  24. Very sexy! *-*
    I love japonease cosplay girls!

  25. MrSatyre says:

    I love how people who are either jealous or clueless always resort to “Photoshopped”. How incredibly unoriginal and unimaginative of you. Grow up.

    I’d much rather see her out of cosplay makeup, contacts and bleached hair. I bet she’s gorgeous.

  26. eunice says:

    this is what you call very cute? omg! below average looking. yuck.

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